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hello, there. 

My name is Abby Unpingco. I'm from Pleasanton, California which is where I found my love for the arts. I grew up in the dance studio from ages 3-17. It wasn't until I did a production of Cinderella in high school that I found my love for singing and acting. From then on I was determined to do as much theatre as I could. I pursued my BFA in Musical Theatre at Ithaca College where I learned to brave the cold and expand my knowledge. 

What about the future makes me excited It's not that hard to get me excited about a project. I'm drawn to shows where I get to dance as that is where I feel most at home. But, I've also found a love for a little bit of comedy. I don't know if Specs in Newsies is supposed to have comedic bits, but they somehow found a way into my interpretation of the character. Other favorite roles have been Alta in the Language Archive and Constance Sack in Rock of Ages. I'm super excited to get to play a dream role of mine this spring as Little Sally in Urinetown at Ithaca College. I also love to express myself through choreography. This past summer, I choreographed Three Little Birds and Rock of Ages at Hope Repertory Theatre.

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